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Client: Inhouse

Every year millions of paper mugs/cups are produced for one single occasion - just to drink beverages (e.g. coffee, coke).

Empty paper mugs produce a tremendous amount of trash since they are coated by plastic and can't be re-used.

The idea of this project was to find a way how we can re-use these empty mugs in a sustainable way and "upgrade" our own trash.

My idea is changing these paper mugs into bird feeder - a wonderful and meaningful experience for children and adults.
There's only a slight change in the shape of the existing lids necessary and the mugs and lids could be used as a bird feeder right after they've been used for beverages.

Think of kids learning in schools about birds while the kids fix a TweeTin near the window or think of people living in the city using TweeTin for a tiny bird feeder on their balcony.

TweeTin™ for paper cups is the perfect upcycling for your garden since it turns any empty paper cup into a bird feeder in the twinkling of an eye.

Its usage is so easy:
- Clean an existing empty paper cup (not included)
- Fix it on a wall or a tree
- Clip on TweeTin™ for paper cups
- Done!

TweeTin™ for paper cups is re-usable and therefore sustainable in its usage!
Next year simply remove TweeTin™ for paper cups, clean the paper cup and clip on TweeTin™ for paper cups again.

TweeTin™ for paper cups is made of black plastics (PS-regrind), it's very hygienically (a simple washing-up with lukewarm water is enough) and it's nature-friendly.

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