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Client: Inhouse

EQ is a sustainable packaging concept which adjusts to the reducing content - depending on its consumption.
The packaging is completely made of card board and consists of punched stripes/elements which can easily be torn off to reduce the size of the packaging.
The lipstick on the image is just an example for it's usage but it may even be e.g. Deo sticks, glue sticks, cornflakes packagings - you name it.

Lipsticks are made of 100% plastic but there are also some card board lipsticks existing.
Disadvantage of the latter is they have be pushed upwards in their packaging while parts of the product (here the lipstick itself) adheres to the walls of the packaging.

EQ doesn't need to be pushed but the consumer rather tears off step by step parts of the packaging and the packaging shrinks / adjusts to it's reduced content.

Our solution has several advantages:
1) It's made 100% of cardboard.
2) Can be easily adjusted to any kinds of shapes and sizes of packagings.
3) Step sizes are easily adjustable according to the packaging's content.
4) Completely recyclable via the given paper recycling solutions.
5) Can replace most plastic packagings.

Status: concept
Design Protection:

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