Compliant Standup Display

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Client: Inhouse

While going in discounters and supermarkets the last months, we were bothered especially by the massive amount of plastic packaging which was used only(!) for presenting items at POS.
Especially Christmas sweets (e.g. Santa Claus, Eggs, chocolate) are presented in standup displays using many unnecessary plastic parts.
These elements are only used for transportation to POS and presentation at POS – nothing else.

Looking at the waste management of those stores is really scary.
Actually, we couldn’t believe they were so many plastic parts – only for presentation.
Next step was wondering if it wasn’t possible to avoid or (at least) reduce all this plastic in favor of sustainability and therefore, we examined the products and their packaging in more detail.

Our primary questions were:

  • Why did the brand choose plastics over cardboard?
  • What is the special shape of the plastic and why did they not solely use cardboard?
  • What special aspects does plastic provide in comparison to cardboard?
  • Is its ease-of-use the main reason?
Therefore, we bought several products of that manufacturer (here: mainly Ferrero) and examined not only the packaging but also their products to understand them completely.
We asked, how can we improve the packaging in regards of its recyclability while keeping the focus on its functionality?
This packaging material is not used by the consumer but it’s a secondary waste material directly connected to the product - consumers are mostly not aware of it and can’t actively avoid it (except for not buying the brand’s products).

Advantages of our packaging solution:
  • It affects the brand in a positive manner since my solution avoid any additional plastics which is currently only been used for presentation reasons.
  • In addition, it also affects the consumer in a positive way since there’s no additional waste “attached” to the product s/he buys.
  • It enables the brand to position itself as a brand understanding consumer’s needs and wishes.
  • It offers new approaches for future packagings.
  • It can be used for many different sizes and variations.
  • Regardless of the season - it can be used at any time and in any environment (shops).

Design Protection:

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