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Client: Inhouse

The BookSeat is designed like an ordinary couch.... but it has many more features.

It has a heads-up-display which allows you:
- to inform about a special book very privately
- read an analog book on it
- use the integrated eReader (or your own) to read a book
- view a special interview or comments by the author
- connect your own eReader to get premium content
- buy the book directly in the chair/couch

The printing on the BookSeat/BookCouch can easily be changed for different book titles (instead of the given example).

The BookSeat/BookCouch is meant to be as some sort of a personal central information place for a special book (all available information at one place) but customers may also get information about any other book.

Status: concept
Design Protection:
Presented on:

Focus, jovoto, Börsenblatt


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