World Cup Beer Mug - Shake-Motion

Client: Inhouse

This beer mug is somthing very special.

It has a clear double-wall made of glass or plastic.
The content of the double-wall is water.
The inner side wall has an image of a football/soccer field and an attached flag of one of the 32 countries playing the World Cup 2014.
Between both walls there are (cartoon?) images of the football/soccer-players of the particular country and a football - printed on some thin plastic cards.

How it works
If the mug is not moved the players and the ball sink to the ground.
As soon as the mug is moved (e.g. for drinking) the players and the ball swim around in the water.

Funny additional game
Each time you move the mug you may even try to get the ball into the gaol.
Did you shoot a goal? Congrats... you\'ll get a beer for free!!!

Additional chance
People around the world may even collect all 32 different mugs of the countries participating in the World Cup 2014!

Status: concept
Design Protection:
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