Six Pack 2.0

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Client: Inhouse

Finally! Carrying a sixpack of beer bottles is easier than ever - even for women!

Today, it's only possible to carry a sixpack of beer by having some sort of finger luxation, to arrive at a party with numb fingers or basically to hold one arm in a bent position to carry the sixpack.

Now, there's a solution! InDezign opimized the design of the packaging of a sixpack significant and integrated carrying handle into the packaging.
Of course there's no additional handle needed and even no additional item - simply the packaging was changed (see images of prototypes).
Certainly we paid attention to use the same materials that are already in use and even the same amount of glued surface.
It's just a significant change of the design.

Oh, by the way... of course Six Pack 2.0 is stackable and can be placed in bigger sized crates just like the available versions. Please contact us for license requests.

Status: prototype
Design Protection:

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