Automatic Net Judge

Client: Inhouse

This item is designed for detecting net touches (directly after the serve) in tennis, badminton and volleyball (described solution uses tennis as a sample).
Today, in professional tournaments electronic devices (e.g. Trinity) detect if the serve of a tennis player touched the net (fomerly there were net judges).
In minor leagues there's only one referee who decides if the ball touched the net by assuming, seeing or hearing it.
To give anyone (even two single players) the chance to know for sure if the served ball touched the net this device is clipped onto the net's rope (see images). If a ball (or maybe even the player) touched the net the vibration detector in the device detects it and the LEDs flash for e.g. one second.

The product looks like a (tennis) ball but it's made of hard plastics and has a notch to clip the device onto the net. For detecting vibrations the device uses a cheap standard vibration sensor/detector as it's used for burgler alarms. There are additional switches for optical and/or acustic alarm and a control to set the sensitivity. There may even be a wireless control (e.g. for the referee to switch it on and off during a match).

Key features

- automatically detects a ball touching the net (e.g. of a served ball)
- no additional person needed (ideal for two players or in minor leagues)
- (rechargeable) battery driven
- sound or light can be optionally switched on/off

Status: concept
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