We are a group of young product and industrial designers creating innovative products under the shared brand InDezign™.

One of our members invented the so called "washing powder bowl" which you find attached to nearly every washing powder around the world and you definitely have been using lately.
Based on this idea our intention is to create simple, innovative and high class products aiming to be used for everyday life.

Want to get more info about us?
Please take a look at the blog post at jovoto called "jovotans worldwide: InDezign".
InDezign was also official ambassador on the former crowd sourcing platform «Genius Crowds».

Finally, if you got questions or need some help or even have a great idea but don't know how to create some 3D images please don't hesitate to ask us at any time.
We are trying to help with our know-how and experience whenever we can.

Our Philosophy

We love designing and inventing new products which are easy to manufacture, simple to use and solve a general issue.
Our interest is focused on new technologies and materials like shown on Inventables.

You can find InDezign on jovoto, Quirky and some other websites.
Here's also a personal interview with Eric Haas.